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Harmonising Life's Symphony: My Awakening Journey, Inspiration by Ben Joseph Stewart and the Power of Sound Healing

The last three years of my life have been an extraordinary journey of transformation and discovery, beginning with a significant lifestyle change—my decision to give up alcohol. This choice marked the first step toward a profound personal awakening, guided by the philosophy that "my body is a temple" and nurturing a healthier lifestyle to honor this sacred vessel. In this journey of self-discovery, I stumbled upon the work of Ben Joseph Stewart, an artist whose spiritual journey and creative expression deeply resonated with me, further influencing my path as a musician, music mentor, and sound healer.

The Artist as a Muse: Ben Stewart's Influence

Ben Stewart, primarily known for his evocative art and exploration of consciousness, may not be a "sound healer" in the traditional sense, but his journey and body of work have been instrumental in shaping my understanding of the transformative power of art and sound. As a musician and mentor, I've always believed in the profound impact that music can have on the soul. Discovering Stewart's art and his spiritual quest enriched my appreciation for the myriad ways in which creativity can serve as a conduit for awakening and healing.

A Musician's Path to Sound Healing

My identity as a musician and music mentor has always been intertwined with my spiritual journey. Music, in its essence, is a form of sound healing—a powerful medium that can alter states of consciousness, evoke deep emotions, and connect us more deeply to our inner selves and to others. Inspired by the holistic approach Stewart embodies, I began to delve deeper into the therapeutic aspects of sound, expanding my practice beyond performance and mentorship to embrace the healing potential of music.

This evolution led me to explore sound healing more intentionally, integrating ancient techniques and modern insights to facilitate healing and transformation through sound. Whether using traditional instruments like Tibetan singing bowls and tuning forks or incorporating the human voice and contemporary music technology, my approach to sound healing seeks to bridge the gap between the ancient and the modern, much like Stewart's work bridges individual consciousness with universal truths.

Fostering Community Through Sound

One of the most profound lessons gleaned from Ben Stewart's journey is the importance of community in the process of awakening and healing. As a music mentor and sound healer, I've witnessed firsthand the power of sound to unite people, transcending language and cultural barriers to touch the very core of our being. Sound healing sessions, whether in group settings or one-on-one, become sacred spaces where individuals can experience a sense of belonging and interconnectedness.

Embracing Stewart's ethos, I strive to create environments that foster community and collective healing, recognizing that each individual's journey contributes to a larger tapestry of transformation. Through sound healing, we come together in harmony, supporting one another's growth and reflecting the interconnectedness that Stewart's art so beautifully encapsulates.


The past three years have been a period of remarkable growth and awakening, catalysed by my decision to lead a healthier lifestyle and influenced by the artistic and spiritual journey of Ben Stewart. As a musician, mentor, and sound healer, I've discovered the unique power of sound to heal, connect, and awaken. Stewart's work reminds us that creativity, in all its forms, is a potent force for personal and collective transformation. As I continue on this path, I am reminded of the infinite possibilities that lie in the harmonious convergence of art, sound, and community, echoing the universal symphony of existence.

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